Frequently Asked Questions

For detailed description of the virtual conference setup, click here.

General Logistics

If you have haven't, please register for the conference. If you are an invited speaker or a workshop organizer, contact us for a discount code.

After registration, it can take us a few hours to email you the credentials for this website. If it has been a full day since you registered, confirm you have not received an email from If you have not, email us.

Sorry, we do not allow you to change your email or password. If you really need to change your password for security reasons, or have a typo in our email, email us.

Once the conference has started, please use the same email as for this website.


The videos are available on the respective paper pages, so you can watch them anytime. They will also be streamed during the lightning talk sessions (see schedule).

Your best option is to come to the poster session and ask them. If there are other things you'd like to discuss, we encourage you to post public comments on their respective OpenReview page.

Each paper is associated with a poster session in, during which the authors will be available for live chat. Session times, and links to OpenReview for the papers, are available from each paper's page.

Invited Talks

No, the talks will not be precorded, but streamed live in

Yes, we will be recording the talks, and will release the videos after the conference.

Attendees will be able to ask/vote on questions for the speakers (using, embedded in the live page. You can also use this link.

Hallway Chats

The main conference will have slots for hallway chats, a social event, and possibilities of chats during poster sessions. Attendees can chat at anytime with the attendees on (which has an in-built chat functionality as well).


No, we have left the format for the workshops to the organizers. Find information about each workshop on their respective pages.